CHITOSE GROUP places emphasis on being aware of the relation between “science”, “technology” and “business” when we develop technology. We think that the relation does not simply go in one direction, science⇒technology⇒business. They add value to each other by having an interactive relationship, science⇔technology⇔business.

In order to deeply pursue each category, "business", "science" and "technology", mutual respect of the different values each of them have is required. It is necessary to understand that the sense of justice and social etiquette of people engaged in each field are quite different. We believe that CHITOSE GROUP’s existing values are to positively embrace the different individual values without avoiding the challenge of how to respect individual values. At the same time, improve “science” “technology” and “business”.

Figure: In order to link the relation between “business” and “technology” smoothly, it is important to predict the state where technology seeds can be applied to society as specifically as possible. CHITOSE GROUP pursues technological development with the idea of organizing the technical elements that are incomplete to achieve the predicted state and accumulating data in a form that can gain consensus in society.

Technological Development

  • We are creating an "industry" by advancing technological development. Without excessively pursuing what cannot be achieved at the laboratory scale, we consider the final image establishing the technology on an industrial scale, search the necessary technology seeds inside and outside of the group, and establish the technology to operate stably on an industrial scale.01

  • We place emphasis on the actual results of experimental data and firmly grasp onto the facts of the results. We will continue exploring new routes to realize the objective of technological development by actively gathering different results from expectations rather than ignoring the reality that is different from the original plan. We do not aim for technological development "going forward as planned".02

  • We place emphasis on planning technological development with a free idea to create an industry without clinging to past trends. We also endeavour to obtain data that can be valued by society using the procedures accepted in the world. In particular, the latter is important in the sense "to protect safety".03

  • Vision


    the world that CHITOSE strives for

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