To live in abundance beyond
the next millennium
using the ability of living things

CHITOSE GROUP pursues the possibilities of biotechnology through technological development and business development to transform the current industrial structure of pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, agriculture, energy etc. which are based on fossil resources, into a structure based on photosynthesis to make a sustainable society.

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Nurture seed technology and
embed it in society as profitable businesses

CHITOSE GROUP discovers core technological seeds for businesses that will last for a thousand years, cultivates these technologies to a level where they can be put to practical use, and develops a structure that can completely embed these sustainable and profitable businesses into society. It can be said that we are always performing technological developments that are calculated backwards from the business structure.

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Transforming the world to
how it should be one step at a time

Each of the projects promoted by CHITOSE GROUP will change how the world is right now. By leveraging biotechnology, we will change the industrial structure, change the money flow, and change the minds of people living there, and we will finally transform society into a more sustainable system.

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Business Entities

Entities to bring together
lots of hope and endeavours

We cannot execute the projects through the effort of CHITOSE’s employees alone. We have established a number of business entities as bases to develop projects as businesses. We develop businesses by bringing together the ideas, wishes and efforts of people in various positions inside and outside the company.

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    COO Rie Kugimiya, Featured on a Video “GREEN INNOVATION STORY ‘Bio Manufacturing'”, Distributed by NEDO

  • Media / Editorial


    Justin Lim, Regional Business Development Manager of Chitose Agriculture, was Featured on Singapore Radio Show “CAPITAL 958”

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    CHITOSE, Attended the “Reception to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Brunei and Japan”