Challenge the truth, speak your mind.Challenge the truth,
speak your mind.

We feel happy when our lives are enriched, through daily refining and manifesting of the abilities that we inherently possess to realize our vision.

Our View on Human Resources

Our business mainly focuses on presenting society new values that have not existed in society and to have the values recognized. In other words, our job is to produce value from zero, so we need human resources who can keep on making their own achievements with their own will through inventive approaches even when no one can accurately decide on the way to proceed with the work.

However, in the present society, we are often required to utilize the system that is already established better than the others. Therefore, it is difficult to find people who can set up their own goals everyday and finish the work that no one knows the correct answers to. Nonetheless, CHITOSE GROUP has carefully continued developing personnel capable of producing value from zero.

The key of our human resource development is to provide "places" that each member has never experienced, and "perspective" that they cannot find on their own. All CHITOSE GROUP’s projects are being entrusted to new personnels, this is something that has yet to be seen in the world. We are waiting for new employees to create their own values through incorporating the senior’s "perspectives" as they head for work. Our goal in human resource development is for new employees to grow and have the capability of providing new "places" and "perspectives" to others in the years to come.

In the world of tea ceremony which is one of the cultures that represents Japan, the person who has their own intention, constantly creates ingenuity and has experience in the world is called a tea master. Like in the tea ceremony, we would like to be a group of people who take on projects with the feeling that we are facing a new challenge every day instead of feeling that we are merely going through daily tasks.

Selection Process


Please send us the following two documents as a Word file or PDF file by e-mail or post. (all in free form)
・Aspirations after joining the company
If you are applying for mid-career positions, please send us your work history in addition to the above.
*Please be reminded that application documents will not be returned.

  • 01

    Send the documents by e-mail

  • 02

    Document selection

  • 03

    Interview (2 times)

  • 04

    Unofficial job offer

Contact Information

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