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Business Strategy, Business Planning Member

The job to make a bridge between various research results, knowledge and technology of Chitose Group’s and economic values in society. It is the position at the forefront of commercialization based on the research.

  • Eligible applicants

    *There is no mandatory requirement
    ・Interested in pursuing own possibilities
    ・Confront various values with an open mind
    ・Liketo keep trying new things.
    ・Like living organisms
    ・Can use multiple languages.
    ・Can understand and generate financial statements.
    ・Familiar with some areas of biology.

  • Message from Hiring Manager

    This job is suitable for those who can work hard to produce new things rather than complete systems that someone else made. Also, those who have not found a comfortable place for their true self, even after knowing the values and senses of various people, may fit for this job. Especially, those who have not figured out whether they are science-and-engineering-oriented people or not can take advantage of this opportunity and find the job you are looking for.

  • Working terms and conditions
    • Salary

      Annual salary system: 3 million to 12 million yen

    • Remarks about the salary

      Fair compensation will be given according to our regulations, after consideration of experience and ability.
      Includes 44 hours of deemed overtime charge per month.
      The amount of annual salary divided by 12 is the monthly salary.

    • Working hours

      9:30-17:30 (scheduled working hours: 7 hours, rest break:1 hour)

    • Salary raise

      Twice a year (April, October)

    • Holiday/Vacation

      Five-day working week system (Saturday and Sunday), public holiday, summer vacation, New Year's holiday vacation, paid leave

    • Benefits

      Full payment of commuting allowance, overtime allowance, various types of insurance

    • Assignment

      Chitose Laboratory Corporation
      Chitose Bio Evolution Pte. Ltd.

    • Work locations

      Kanagawa Science Park (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
      Singapore, etc.

Selection Process


Send the documents by e-mail

Document screening

We will contact you within 10 days after receiving your documents.


2 or 3 times.
*It depends on individual cases.

Unofficial job offer

Welcome to join our company!

Please provide the following information in your e-mail.
2.Desired job type. *Please list all positions you are interested in
3.How did you get to know CHITOSE Group/ Chitose Laboratory.

Please send us the following two documents as a Word file or PDF file by e-mail or post. (all in free form)
■Entry level

  • ・Resume
  • ・Aspirations* after joining the company


  • ・Resume/CV (including your work histories)
  • ・Aspirations* after joining the company

*Aspirations: What you would like to do, will, wish, ambitions and motivation to join our company.

Please be reminded that application documents will not be returned.
We will screen your application based on the documents you send us.
We will contact you within 10 days after receiving your documents, regardless of the outcome of the selection process.
If you have any questions about the selection process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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