Message from CEO

As many agree, rich and diverse culture and affluent life based on mass consumption of fossil fuels are not sustainable since the availability of fossil fuels is not unlimited.

We believe the continuous advancement in biotechnologies towards economically and environmentally sustainable production of food and energy from unlimited sunlight as well as efficient processing of bio-materials rather than petro-materials, is the key for promising rich and diverse culture based on affluent life over 1000 of years.

Like us, many also believe the advancement in biotechnologies delivers the solutions for sustaining the affluent life for the future. However, many have unfortunately witnessed biotech researches and projects declining due to the lack of economically-sustainable long-term plan, goal, commitment, and thus, applicable scientific or practical engineering outcomes. Often, these biotech researches and projects rather create new different problems than delivering desired solutions for the future.

Working together with partners around the world, our world-class scientists and technicians in business and academia fields ranging from computer science, chemical engineering, architecture, agriculture, civil engineering, physics, and mathematics, have fostered Chitose group into a system which is capable of accomplishing the continuous advancement in biotechnologies.

This system will
-develop ideas that last for millennia,
-engineer technological seeds to bring those ideas into reality, and
-design economically-sustainable business models based on the continuous technological advancement.

Our ideas revolve around the relationship between living organisms and rich and diverse culture. The idea is promoting economic photosynthesis-based food and energy production contributes to lower the dependency of our culture on mass consumption of fossil fuels. Simultaneous development of biotechnologies to efficiently process photosynthetically produced raw materials will close material-use loops, and thus, improve sustainable development of our civilization. The sustainable development will not only allows for maintaining our current culture, but will also further enrich and diversify our culture with new biotechnologies.

Currently, to bring the ideas into reality, we make our best endeavor to advance biotechnologies
-to economically and sustainably produce fuels and raw materials via photosynthesis
-to culture living and functioning organs in vitro
-to achieve both economic feasibility and environmental sustainability in large-scale agriculture

We, a group of world-class scientists having expertise in diverse areas of research, work together to yield lucrative business based on the continuous advancement in biotechnologies. We are diligently inching closer and closer to solutions that will revolutionize the way we interact with our environment and move forward as a society.

We would very appreciate your support on our endeavor to form a better future, 1000 years into the future.

Cultivate the Earth! Chief Executive Officer & Founder Tomohiro FUJITA

The Origin of Chitose's name and logo

We named our company Chitose, which means “millennium” in Japanese, to show our determination to serve society for a thousand years. It is also named after a small town near Tokyo, Japan,where our company was originally located as a start-up venture, so as not to forget the days when we had nothing but dreams.


A crane, which is well known in Japan from old times as a symbol of longevity and good luck, was chosen for our logo design. Instead of using “crane” on its own, “Origami Crane” was used to express the Japanese value of paying the highest respect to the intricate technologies.


No sooner had we seen Ms.Kogahara’s work we decided to ask her to make the Chitose Group into a piece of art. Her talent to unleash objects’ inner power on canvas elegantly depicted who we are and where we want to go.

Ms.Izumi Kogahara :

I visited the labs and interviewed employees in order to feel the Chitose Group. This website is the reflection of the Chitose Group through my eyes.

RED image


"Chitose red" is Chitose Group's theme color, a symbol of the power of life, the power of the Chitose people utilizing nature's dynamism to transform our society.



Chitose's cutting-edge technology is a dot, and its accumulation creates lines that leads us to better future.

FACE and GAZE image


I see in the eyes of the scientists of Chitose Bio Evolution Ltd.’s keen curiosity about the lives on Earth and the systems that sustain them. Their eyes are filled with expectations about the potential of creatures and an excitement to clear the way for the dreams that each has in his or her mind.

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Artist- Izumi Kogahara

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