Business Development

Business development member for development of environmentally sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia (Agribusiness in Asia)

Engage in various tasks such as sales and startup of recycling-based plantation system for oil palm plantation companies, startup of agricultural projects in Southeast Asian countries (proposal, farm construction supervision, production system development, sales channel development), supply chain manager of Chitose Farm (Malaysia).

  • Eligible applicants

    ・Any age, gender, academic background, nationality are accepted.
    ・Interested in agriculture in general
    ・Speaks English (Business English is welcomed.)
    ・Has a valid driving licence
    ・Confident in living in the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia
    ・Experience working with agriculture or agricultural logistics are welcomed.
    ・Speaks Malay, Indonesian and/or Chinese are welcomed.

  • Message from Hiring Manager

    The tropical region where is sunlight and rainfall is abundant is a very important region for biomass production. However, current farming style depends heavily on pesticide chemicals and fertilizers. Mass administration-Mass disposal type plantation and farm management are also conducted. We are taking on activities to expand environmentally friendly sustainable “ideal plantation” from Southeast Asia to the world. We will contribute to the agriculture in Southeast Asia not only by providing our technologies to the plantations and farms but also by conducting farm management, sales, and marketing by ourselves to include producers and consumers. We look for energetic people who can create new values for tropical agriculture and change the industrial structure of agriculture together.

  • Working terms and conditions
    • Salary

      Annual salary system: 3 million to 12 million yen

    • Remarks about the salary

      Fair compensation will be given according to our regulations, after consideration of experience and ability.
      Overseas local recruitment is decided based on the regulations and adoption criteria of the overseas affiliates.

    • Working hours

      Flexible Working Hours

    • Salary raise

      Twice a year (April, October)

    • Holiday/Vacation

      Five-day working week system (Saturday and Sunday), public holidays summer vacation, New Year’s holiday vacation, paid leave

    • Benefits

      Full payment of commuting allowance, various types of insurance

    • Assignment

      Chitose Agri Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.
      Chitose Agriculture Initiative Pte. Ltd.

    • Work locations

      Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

Selection Process


Send the documents by e-mail

Document screening

We will contact you within 10 days after receiving your documents.


2 or 3 times.
*It depends on individual cases.

Unofficial job offer

Welcome to join our company!

Please provide the following information in your e-mail.
2.Desired job type. *Please list all positions you are interested in
3.How did you get to know CHITOSE Group/ Chitose Laboratory.

Please send us the following two documents as a Word file or PDF file by e-mail or post. (all in free form)
■Entry level

  • ・Resume
  • ・Aspirations* after joining the company


  • ・Resume/CV (including your work histories)
  • ・Aspirations* after joining the company

*Aspirations: What you would like to do, will, wish, ambitions and motivation to join our company.

Please be reminded that application documents will not be returned.
We will screen your application based on the documents you send us.
We will contact you within 10 days after receiving your documents, regardless of the outcome of the selection process.
If you have any questions about the selection process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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