Research & Development

Researcher and research assistant for development of mammalian cell lines (Mammalian cells)

We conduct business development and research & development in biologics related businesses.
We have developed the world’s most productive CHO cells. Let’s make technical innovations in the biologics manufacturing industry by taking advantage of the supercell.
We are also looking to further progress into gene therapy and regenerative medicine.

  • Eligible applicants

    ・Interested in business development and research & developmentR&D related to biologics
    ・Degree from biology, chemistry, pharmacology or medicine field
    ・Graduated from college, graduate school or technical college
    ・No gender nor age restrictions
    ・Working experience in a pharmaceutical company or bio-related supplier company are welcomed
    ・Even with no experience from the field, if you have strong urge to try would be a bonus

  • Message from Hiring Manager

    ・【Urgent!!】Able to give technical presentations in English (those who have research experience are welcomed)

    ・Interested in experiments using mammaliananimal cell lines
    ・Interested in mammaliananimal cell culture
    ・Interested in DNA cloning
    ・Interested in host cell engineering using CHO cells or HEK cells
    ・Interested in R&D regarding biologics manufacturing.
    ・Big plus point if you are an expert in experimental techniques
    ・Big plus point if you have the mental energy to confidently go through repetitive and steady work a
    ・Big plus point if you can take advantage of ideas when doing experiments.
    ・Even if you cannot give technical presentations in English, application may still be accepted.

  • Working terms and conditions
    • Salary

      Annual salary system: 3 million to 12 million yen

    • Remarks about the salary

      Fair compensation will be given according to our regulations, after consideration of experience and ability.
      Includes 40 hours of deemed overtime charge per month.
      The amount of annual salary divided by 12 is the monthly salary.

    • Working hours

      9:30-17:30 (scheduled working hours: 7 hours, rest break:1 hour)
      Discretionary Labor System for Professional Work

    • Salary raise

      Twice a year (April, October)

    • Holiday/Vacation

      Five-day working week system (Saturday and Sunday), public holiday, summer vacation, New Year’s holiday vacation, paid holidays

    • Benefits

      Full payment of commuting allowance, overtime allowance, various types of insurance

    • Assignment

      Chitose Laboratory Corp.

    • Work locations

      Kanagawa Science Park (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
      Nogawa Laboratory (Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

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