CHITOSE GROUP places importance in considering how to transmit the individual thoughts and intentions of the members involved in the project when conducting business development. In order to create the business from scratch and develop it as a profitable business, the thoughts and intentions of all business-related people involved in technological development, finance and accounting, legal and intellectual property, production, logistics, sales, and customers need to be deeply and mutually linked. We think that the connection through thoughts and intentions will naturally produce a connection with money.

There are no formulas or correct answers on how to start a business. Worshipping and tracing someone's past successful experience and one-size-fits-all solution as a correct answer often works negatively when starting a business. CHITOSE GROUP's strength is the function to mutually respect different values and sense of justice based on each position, experience and interest and to create systems step by step to transfer our thoughts and intentions that we would like to communicate through our business.

As one methodology for transmitting individual thoughts and intentions, we are promoting business development based on the idea that each individual engaged in business development considers their own values and sense of justice, at the same time, respects and accepts the values and sense of justice of others and other companies and organize the genuine thoughts and intentions that we would like to communicate through the business.

Business Development

  • In order to proceed with business development, we need to have various capabilities such as science, technology, finance, accounting, production, logistics, sales, brand, legal and intellectual property. The team members are required to understand and acknowledge the values and sense of justice which are regarded as important in advancing the respective parts.01

  • There are no formulas or correct answers for business development. The team members are required to frequently create their own hypothesis and put in their full effort to see it through, and if they realise their hypothesis is wrong, start over from scratch.02

  • In continuing business development, the most important skill is information gathering. The team members understand that people in the field have the real information and they need to gather the information by their own sweat and blood. The team members are also required to have intention to go anywhere in the world to meet any person in order to gather fresh and specific information.03

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