CHITOSE GROUP emphasizes the premise that there is no optimal solution applicable to anyone in human resource development. We believe that there is no concept of correct way to proceed with work other than comply with the law and work to protect the safety. Because work that seemed to go well might have turned out better if other people did it, and work that seemed to fail may have failed even more if someone else did, no one can judge if the way work is done is correct or wrong until the results are seen.

In addition, we hope that the members who have a career in CHITOSE GROUP have not only monetary remuneration but also the feeling of making the marks that they have worked for the future global environment and society and the joy that the scope becomes bigger and bigger as the compensation for their works.

To that end, CHITOSE GROUP places emphasis on continuing to think about how to share "places" and "perspectives" among team members. Offering a "place" to have experience for inexperienced members are only risk and loss in the short term for the company. However, we have a pride to continue to be an organization that shares "places" where members who want to grow can have new experiences even if we have to bear the risks.

In addition, we emphasize on providing members who strive to make the given "place" better with various "perspectives" of other team members such as "Is it possible to do this?", "I think that the client felt like this.", "How about doing this next time?". Since these are just someone’s "perspective" and the communication based on the idea that no one knows the correct answer of how to proceed with the work, the member can just try the newly presented "perspective" or ignore it even if it is a "perspective" given by the president.

Human Resource Development

We believe that giving and accepting “place” and “perspective”, being aware of the following 4 points, and developing human resources through obtaining and giving the opportunity to getting not only monetary remuneration but also improvement of one’s own life are the values of CHITOSE GROUP’s existence.

  • 01There is no correct answer on how to proceed with work and work for each project as a beginner.

  • 02Have a habit of thinking objectives and goals every time for each project.

  • 03Continue to make efforts to gain skills and knowledge to facilitate project smoothly.

  • 04Continue to make your own values and sense of justice through coming in contact with various values and sense of justice of others.

  • Vision


    the world that CHITOSE strives for

  • Projects


    projects to transform the world to how it should be