• Biofuel, Algae, Botryococcus, Outdoor mass cultivation

We want to produce algae biofuel to solve the problem of energy shortage

“We want to revolutionise the world’s mass algae cultivation technology through the development of biojet fuel.”

We are aiming to commercialize the sustainable production of biojet fuel by simply using solar energy to culture algae, in order to produce a fuel which has the power to compete against the price of presently used fossil fuel. The problem of fuel production using algae is the difficulty of outdoor mass production. To solve this problem, we have been improving the breeding of algae and developing the mass cultivation technology, so that it would lead to technical improvement which can cope with the outdoors where the environment is changing every moment. By 2015, our company succeeded in becoming the first in the world to mass cultivate Botryococcus continuously with the open-outdoored cultivation apparatus (1,500㎡), and we are still proceeding with the technical development for commercial production.

Background issues

    The aviation industry has strongly been demanded throughout the world to reduce the CO2 release based on the estimate that the CO2 emissions will be 2-5 times that of now by 2050 due to the increase of air transportation. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has set a goal that the aviation business world would reduce half of the amount of CO2 emissions from 2009 by 2050. To make the road map to reduce the CO2 emissions, created by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), asuccessl, the introduction of biojet fuel is absolutely essential.

Our technologies

  • Outdoor mass cultivation of algae
  • Breeding technology of algae

Current status

  • Conducting species improvement of algae to realize lower cost and energy efficiency
  • The development of outdoor continuous cultivation technology and conducting the outdoor continuous cultivation proof test (Kanagawa prefecture (100 ㎡), Kagoshima prefecture (1,500 ㎡)
  • Searching for production candidate overseas, production capacity valuation in each production candidate area and the enforcement of narrowing down the production candidate area
  • We are now still continuing the development of mass production for commercialization and further development to lower technological cost


Japan, Thailand


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