• soil, microbiota, microbial inoculant

Convert agricultural waste into microbial inoculants and enrich soil microbiota in Southeast Asia

Background issues

  • Soil metabolism in Southeast Asia is so fast that if the supply of organic materials is slow, the soil layer will be lost rapidly.
  • In many agricultural fields in the Southeast Asia, the supply of organic materials to the soil is drastically reduced due to the pursuit of yield improvement and cost reduction from a short-term perspective.
  • As a result, the soil damage of Southeast Asia plantation is progressing rapidly, and the possibility of the worst case scenario of desertification should not be ignored.

Our technologies

  • Technology to produce CSF (Chitose Soil Flora) that enriches soil microbiota
  • Technology to visualize the richness of soil microbiota
  • Technology to create economic value in enriching soil microbiota

Current status

  • The product is being sold in some countries.
  • The project to incorporate our products and technologies into the process of a large-scale plantation is ongoing.


Malaysia, Japan, India, Indonesia, China

Related entities


Sime Darby Plantation, etc.


  • Hiroshi Mimoto

    Soil environmental conservation (improvement) in Southeast Asia is essential for ensuring water and food in the world, and the method needs to be customized according to the conditions of the target land. Among soil improvement, maintaining the microbiota in an appropriate range is a very complicated and meticulous work, but I believe that it can be completed by properly fermenting the organic waste and putting it into the soil.


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