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Chitose Supercell will revolutionise the world’s antibody drug manufacturing process

Background issues

    In order to reduce the price of antibody drugs, which are ever soaring, high efficiency and low manufacturing process costs are required.

Our technologies

  • Technology to create diversity in a uniform cell pool and develop cells with several outstanding characteristics
  • Technology to screen for cells with desired characteristics from various cell pools
  • Technology to establish immortalized cell lines from primary tissue culture
  • Technology to develop test methods to comply with regulations for drug application

Current status

  • Through collaboration or consigned development with domestic and international pharmaceutical companies, we continue to produce new cell lines.
  • As a member of Manufacturing Technology Association of Biologics (MAB, AMED project), we are in charge of constructing the cell bank.



Related entities


Manufacturing Technology Association of Biologics (AMED)


  • Noboru Osawa

    I am engaged in businesses related to biologics using animal cell lines at Chitose Laboratory. Biologics here refers mainly to the production of biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies and other proteins. Currently we are working on developing cells that are exceptional for antibody production, and to embed the new platform in the world so that biopharmaceuticals can be prescribed more easily.


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