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Laying the foundation towards environmentally sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia, though in-house plantation

“The impression of deliciousness has the power to move a person to make the action to purchase, and this action itself has a power to change the structure of the agriculture industry.”

We want the producers to extend environmentally friendly agriculture that produces high quality crops, and lead the consumers to deepen their understanding about these premium crops. We are convinced that the key to humans being able to continue agriculture for a thousand years from now is to build the ‘ ecosystem’ through crops (ie. producer, consumer, environment, market, etc…).
We have started selling strawberries and tomatoes, that are cultivated at our farms in Malaysia, by starting up a new brand called ‘CHITOSE Vegetables’. The market has expanded to many well-known places like ISETAN SINGAPORE, Michelin starred restaurants, famous confectioneries, and representative resort hotels in Singapore. We are also planning to expand the agriculture project to other Southeast Asian countries by conducting technological transfers to local farmers.

Background issues

  • The agriculture in Southeast Asia, which emphasizes on quantity rather than quality, follows a pattern of mass-investment and mass-disposal and uses a lot of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Crops that are cultivated in this way are generally of poor-quality with emphasis on cheapness. Although the consumers have a demand for high-quality crops, their options are limited.
  • There is no market that bridges the gap between the producers and the consumers.

Our technologies

    Technology for stably producing Japanese strawberries in Southeast Asia, sales and marketing

Current status

    We produce Chitose Strawberries at our own farm in Cameron Highland, Malaysia and sell them at hotels, cake shops and restaurants in Singapore. We also sell them at local supermarkets and departmental stores to let the consumers know about CHITOSE’s quality and agriculture. We are currently trying to produce other strawberry strains, technical transfer and contract culture for local farmers who have the same aim as us.


Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia


  • Kyosuke Kinoshita

    I moved to Cameron Highland in 2014 to build the farm. I had to start from scratch (no land and no seedlings), but now, the farm is run by 20 members including part-time workers. We are growing the strawberries together to provide customers with Japanese’s “delicious taste”. I will improve the technologies and lead the team to grow in order to provide delicious strawberries to our customers.

  • Yosuke Kataoka

    In this project, I am in charge of research & development on how to raise the yield, quality and stability. In order to ensure stable delivery of high-quality products to more Chitose strawberry lovers, I am willing to step forward to face the problems that do not happen in Japan, such as pests that I have never seen in Japan. And as we develop the project, I am happy to work hard with Malaysian farmers, sometimes collaborate with them, and foster agriculture in Malaysia.


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