Koki Asano, Agriculture Expert of Chitose Agri Laboratory, gave a lecture at the Malaysia-Indonesia Alumni Association of “JENESYS”, a program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


JENESYS is a program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan to promote understanding of Japan’s political, economic, social, cultural, historical, and other aspects of the region through the exchange of future leaders between Japan and the rest of Asia. Agriculture Expert Koki Asano, who works at the Chitose Agri Laboratory in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, gave a lecture on “Toward Sustainable Agriculture” at the JENESYS Alumni Association on Friday, October 13.

The lecture provided examples of CHITOSE’s initiatives in the food value chain to make agriculture sustainable. For example, on the three perspectives: environmental, economic, and social sustainability. He also mentioned about the “Thousand Years of Sustainable Agriculture (*1)” initiative and Chitose Agri Base, a center for circular agriculture in Japan.
*1 “Thousand Years of Sustainable Agriculture” is an initiative to instruct and recognise agriculture that can sustainably yield delicious produce with high nutritional value by maintaining the farmland’s ecosystem.

After the lecture, questions and opinions were actively exchanged. We also received calls from various countries and regions asking us to come to their local communities. Some of them sent us messages through SNS later on. We were able to convey the values of “Thousand Years of Sustainable Agriculture” to the audience, mainly students, and let them know the appeal of the company not only from a consumer perspective, but also as a place to work. We hope that this will be one of the future options for the generation that will be responsible for agriculture in the future.

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