The report for the symposium (sponsored by Honda Foundation) which CHITOSE GROUP participated in is now available.


CHITOSE GROUP’s CEO Tomohiro Fujita, Bioengineer Yosuke Kataoka, and Senior Manager Ryo Iko, were invited to speak at a symposium hosted by Honda Foundation and the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia on December 12-13, 2019.
The report on the symposium which introduces the content of Dr. Fujita’s lecture is now available on Honda Foundation’s website.

■About the report
“Conversion to Achieve Eco-society through the Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration toward Sustainability & Quality of Life”

■About Dr. Fujita’s lecture
●Session 2
Private Sector Involvement in Human Resource and Career Development for Future Eco-society
Title:Creation of a New Business with Cambodia
*Article can be found on pg 68~71 in the above report

●Panel Discussion Following Session 2
*Article can be found on pg 83~85 in the above report

●Wrap-Up Panel Discussion
*Article can be found on pg 87~90 in the above report

In addition, Honda Foundation has also published the day’s events on YouTube.


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