Chitose Laboratory will be joining the Strategic Innovation creation Program(SIP) by NARO, Japan

  • Chitose Laboratory Corp.

Chitose Laboratory will participate in the Strategy Innovation promotion Program(SIP) “Smart bio industry and fundamental agriculture technology” promoted by Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution of National Agriculture and Food Research Organisation (NARO) . 

We are going to participate in the following 3 themes as participant and collaborator.

■As Participant

A.Establishment of new health system to extend the life expectancy through ‘Eating’ 
*Participating as Japan Microbiome Consortium, JMBC

C. Realization of sustainable society by ‘manufacturing using biofunction’
(2) development of technology that will solve the bottleneck issue of supply chain for bio-materials.
ⅰ)Improvement and empirical research of supply chain technology that uphold the smart cell industry 

■As Collaborator

B.Strengthen the productivity and competitiveness of agriculture, forestry and food industries through the use of diverse data.
(2)Technology development in order to promote ‘data driven breeding’
ⅲ)Construction of agriculture environment engineering system and development of farming strategy utilizing sinbiosis of plants and microbiota.

・About SIP

A national project created by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation by the Cabinet Office to realize science and technology innovation through management that transcends the framework of ministries and traditional fields.

・For more about Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution, click here.


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