Management Team

  • 藤田朋宏

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    Tomohiro Fujita, Ph.D.

    Born in 1973.
    Graduated from The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
    Throughout his time in university, Dr. Fujita was thinking how to create a society based on biotechnology that is necessary to humans. He swore to seek a way to implement biotechnology in society not as a scholar but as a businessman. While learning actual business management at the Strategy Consulting Department in Accenture Japan Ltd, he studied the concepts and perspectives of business management that is required in the future bio industry.
    After that, starting with Chitose Laboratory Corp., he established numerous social problem solving biotechnology companies and grew them one by one.
    He is looking for a better way to turn cutting-edge biotechnology into businesses and provide them to society, from the perspective of mankind a thousand years from now and what they think are businesses that the 21st century should be engaged in.
  • 釘宮理恵

    Chief Operating Officer

    Rie Kugimiya

    After graduating from the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences at The University of Tokyo, Ms. Kugimiya joined Chitose Laboratory Corp. in 2005 to find out what kind of management system could be designed from now on to make the biotechnology industry more prosperous. She was appointed as COO of CHITOSE GROUP in 2015. As a core member of CHITOSE GROUP, she drove the company’s founding and expansion through handling business operations, financial planning, intellectual property and legal matters.
    She has a large and fine network in the Japanese “Noh-gei-kagaku” (a unique research field established in Japan covering a wide range of bioscience, biotechnology, and agrochemistry) community, and has broad insights of “Noh-gei-kagaku” that always require a mindset centered around living things that are essential in the future.
  • 今井 正之

    Chief Financial Officer

    Masayuki Imai

    Born in 1963 and graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University where he majored in International Economics, Masayuki started his professional career at UBS Tokyo in 1987, in the wake of globalization of the Japanese financial market amid the nation’s industrial reforms forced by Yen’s rapid appreciation. Then in 1995, he moved to BNP Paribas Tokyo, where he led development of structured finance products such as syndication and securitization. Furthermore, he got promoted as General Manager of the branch where he built a global client coverage model for Japanese corporate clients in collaboration with the bank’s international network. He is also knowledgeable about the EMEA market through his international assignment based in Paris and Dubai.
    Aiming to capitalize his vast experience, expertise and human network, he joined Chitose Group in 2021, and got appointed Director and Chief Financial Officer in 2022.
  • 少徳健一


    Shohtoku Kenichi, CPA(JP・US・SG)

    Born in 1971.
    Mr. Shohtoku graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Upon attaining his CPA, he joined Arthur Andersen at the Tokyo Office and Kuala Lumpur Office. After his resignation, he established a consulting company with the first Japanese Certified Public Accountant in Malaysia. SCS Global was established in September 2002 and currently supports the development of Asian countries through their accounting services with hundreds of CPAs under its wing. Mr. Shohtoku joined CHITOSE GROUP as a consultant in 2009. In order to extend to the whole of Asia, the business and concept of CHITOSE GROUP’s research and development and business development for mankind in the next millennium, he became a director in 2016.