To live in abundance beyond
the next millennium
using the ability of living things

Chitose Group pursues the possibilities of biotechnology through technological development and business development to transform the current industrial structure of pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, agriculture, energy etc. which are based on fossil resources, into a structure based on photosynthesis to make a sustainable society.

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Nurture seed technology and
embed it in society as profitable businesses

The strengths of Chitose Group are its capabilities of technological development in the biotechnology field while constantly ensuring economic rationality, capabilities of business development to draw a path towards commercialization by understanding the essence and limitations of biotechnology, and capabilities of skill development in order to support all the activities both openly and behind the scenes.

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Transforming the world to
how it should be one step at a time

Each of the projects promoted by Chitose Group will change how the world is right now. By leveraging biotechnology, we will change the industrial structure, change the money flow, and change the minds of people living there, and we will finally transform society into a more sustainable system.

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Business Entities

Entities to bring together
lots of hope and endeavours

We cannot execute the projects through the effort of Chitose’s employees alone. We have established a number of business entities as bases to develop projects as businesses. We develop businesses by bringing together the ideas, wishes and efforts of people in various positions inside and outside the company.

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Chitose Journal

Media to share the ideas and activities of Chitose Group

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Latest information on Chitose Group

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