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Careers: What we are seeking

In Chitose group, diverse people with expertise in specialized areas collaborate to conduct researches and to develop businesses.
In science, the outcomes are always identical no matter who delivers. In contrast, the technologies are always different depending on who develops. We value self-motivated and highly committed people to endeavor to develop unique and innovative technologies upon understanding this difference.


Management team

Executive Team

Tomohiro Fujita image

Tomohiro Fujita Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tomohiro Fujita joined Chitose Laboratory Corp. in 2004, and has been serving as Chief Executive Officer since 2008, bringing to the company practical wisdom and experience in management of biotechnology based company that he cultivated by providing management consulting services to the clients at Accenture Japan Ltd.
Based on the perspective of "sustainable business & technology development for 1000 years", he established, develops, and manages 6 other biotechnology based companies as well as Chitose Laboratory Corp.
Mr. Fujita received his M.Sc in agricultural science from the University of Tokyo in 1999.

Rie Kugimiya image

Rie Kugimiya Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Rie Kugimiya joined Chitose Laboratory Corp. in 2005, and has been serving as Chief Operating Officer since 2014. Since 2005, she has been playing the main role in Chitose Group in establishing, developing, and managing Chitose Laboratory as well as associated companies. She has high expertise in agriculture, horticulture, fermentation science & engineering with domestic and international networks. She also has extensive knowledge and experience in management of intellectual properties in these fields.
Ms. Kugimiya received her M.Sc in agricultural science from the University of Tokyo in 2005

Ken Nakahara, Ph. D. image

Ken Nakahara, Ph.D. Chief Photosynthetic Officer

Dr. Ken Nakahara joined Chitose Laboratory Corp. in 2006, and has been serving as Chief Photosynthetic Officer since 2013. He has high expertise in plant science, especially in photosynthesis. He also has extensive experience with turning lab researches into products and also with operating businesses around various parts of the world.
Dr. Nakahara received his Ph.D. in biological science from Nara Institute of Science and Technology in 2003.

Kenichi Shohtoku, CPA image

Kenichi Shohtoku, CPA (America, Japan, Singapore) Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1971 and graduated from Keio University, School of Economics. After attaining his CPA, Shohtoku joined Arthur Anderson LLP, Tokyo Office, where he was later posted to the Kuala Lumpur Office. Upon his resignation, he started the first Japan Certified Public Accountant Consulting Firm in Malaysia. SCS Global was incorporated in September 2002, and now it is one of the leading firms with over hundreds of Certified Public Accountants, offering accounting services to various countries in Asia. In 2009, he became a part of Chitose Group as a Consultant. In order to expand research and development and business development in Asia, so as to fulfill Chitose Group's vision for the future of mankind in the next millennium, Shohtoku Kenichi joined as a member of the Board of Directors in 2015.

Advisory Board

Masahiko Kobayashi image

Kobayashi, Ph.D.

  • · Advisor in Environmental Agriculture of Chitose Group
  • · Emeritus Professor of University of Tokyo
  • · Former Vice President of University of Tokyo
  • · Former Chair of the Department of Agriculture at University of Tokyo
Sakayu Shimizu image

Shimizu, Ph.D.

  • · Advisor in Industrial Biotechnology of Chitose Group
  • · Emeritus Professor of Kyoto University
  • · Former President of Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry.
  • · President of Japan Bioindustry Association


Chitose group is seeking passionate and self-driven individuals for each associated group companies. Please take a look at each group company's website for more information, and send us your CV and cover letter. You can apply for a position or we can match you with the best position based on your background and motives for work.

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