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Produce future source of protein

Background issues

    Through population growth and economic growth, it is estimated that world protein demand would double from that of 2005 by 2050. The estimation that the conventional agriculture cannot cover such a rapid increase of protein demand have been garnering attention as the “protein crisis”.

Our technologies

  • Mass culture technology of algae
  • Breeding technology of algae
  • Harvesting technology of algae
  • Cleaning, sterilization, frozen storage technology of algae
  • Quality check technology of products (frozen foods)
  • Product development
  • Logistics technology

Current status

  • We have established Tavelmout Corporation in Japan. And we started building a new production plant in Brunei Darussalam.
  • Tavelmout Corporation have received a finance of 850 million yen from both Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ) and Mitsubishi Corporation, amounting to 1.7 billion yen in total.


Japan, Brunei

Related entities


Mitsubishi Corporation, INCJ Ltd., Vuteq Corporation


  • Toshiya Sasaki

    I have made a rule when I decided to become the leader of the team that will provide Tavelmout on the dining tables all over the world. When making a decision, I always ask myself whether I am on an ego trip or I am with an open mind. The brand, in other words, building trust with customers is the top priority. I think it is the minimum requirement to be accepted by society. It is my nature to understand and improve my own capacity in order to contribute to the business.


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