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At Nikkei Biotech, an informative magazine meant specifically for news on biotechnology launched by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., there is a column known as ‘World Trend’, which introduces the numerous bio-initiatives around the world.
With America, then Europe, followed by Asia being publicized accordingly, Chitose Group is proud to be in charge of serializing the annual 2016 World Trend Asia.

Chitose Group will be writing up publications based on the topic, ‘Creating a world where people can live in abundance for a thousand years’. Along with members who resonate with this, we will be carrying out all our endeavors while always keeping in mind and questioning whether our future plans and our current actions will lead to an abundant world for the next thousand years.


Amongst the diversified fields available from just the word ‘bio’, Chitose has specialists in various fields including and not limited to, ‘fermentation’, ‘algae business’, ‘pharmacology’ and ‘foodstuff’ gathered together.
Along with the fact that these specialists do actually reside in Asia, and have been working alongside plantation owners, government agencies as well as conglomerates, we believe that this is a good opportunity to take advantage of all the first-hand information we have obtained.   


It would be our greatest pleasure if you were to have a look at it.
※In order to view the publications, you must possess a Nikkei Biotech member’s login details.


【Publication schedule】

1.Date of issue:15 February (Monday)
  Author:Norichika OGATA
  Theme:Genomic Analysis enterprises, why China’s BGI achieved success


2.Date of issue:28 March (Monday)
  Author:Ken KASAHARA
  Theme:Along with signs of rapid expansion in Asia、aquatic businesses made possible by micro-biome


3.Date of issue:16 May (Monday)
  Author:Ken NAKAHARA

4.Date of issue:27 June (Monday)

5.Date of issue:8 August (Monday)
  Author:Ryosuke KOIKE

6.Date of issue:26 September (Monday)
  Author:Kengo FUKUI

7.Date of issue:7 November (Monday)
  Author:Takayuki HORIUCHI

8.Date of issue:19 December (Monday)
  Author:Takanori HOSHINO

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