The King of superfoods, Raw Spirulina will be collaborating with street-popular cold-pressed juice shops, and will be expanding into various stores located nationwide including Sapporo, Tokyo and Nagoya.

We would like to inform everyone that Tavelmout Corporation (Headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Toshiya SASAKI), which sells fresh Spirulina, the King of superfoods, that have been quick-frozen, will be introduced starting from Japan’s first-ever store specialising in cold-pressed juices, SUNSHINE JUICE, followed by various other stores located nation-wide.


(Upper left) Tavelmout’s products, (Bottom left) Cultivation pond, (Right) After thawing

(Upper left) Tavelmout’s products, (Bottom left) Cultivation pond, (Right) After thawing



Cold-pressed juice is gaining attention for its ability to retain all the nutrients from its ingredients due to the fact that the fruits and vegetables are compressed at a low-speed instead of adding heat to them. ‘Tavelmout (Raw spirulina)’ is spirulina that have been quick-frozen while still fresh and alive, unlike existing commercial spirulina that have been dried and turned into powder. As it has not been dried, much of its nutrients have been retained and by matching it with the idea of cold-pressed juices, we will be bringing it into an estimated number of 40 shops nation-wide, including cold-pressed juice shops, smoothie shops and health-oriented cafes.


Tavelmout started online sales from May 2015, and physically at Aoyama Farmers’ Market from November of the same year. On the Saturdays of April 2016 (excluding 16 and 17), we will be collaborating with Aoyama Farmers’ Market’s Mellow Juice Bar, and will be selling 3 different kinds of Tavelmout juices.



■Tavelmout’s store introductions


Product name/Price: Gnarly Green cold-pressed juice
                                     Mini ¥1,080 (Excl. Tax)/Regular ¥1,280 (Excl. Tax)

Store locations: Ebisu, Shimbashi, Shibuya, Roppongi, Jiyugaoka



SUNSHINE JUICE/Gnarly Green Cold Press Juice

SUNSHINE JUICE/Gnarly Green Cold Press Juice

SUNSHINE JUICE/Gnarly Green Cold Press Juice


<ELLE café>

Introduction form/Price:

・Any cold-pressed juice add-on ¥100 (Excl. Tax)

・Cleanse Programme – 1 of the 6 bottles (#2) is Tavelmout’s product (Pre-order required) ¥7,800 (Excl. Tax)

・Quinoa salad* ~Raw spirulina dressing~ R ¥600/S ¥430 (Excl. Tax)

Store locations: Roppongi Hills, Hakata Hankyu



ELLE café/Cleanse programme

ELLE café/Cleanse programme


ELLE café/Quinoa salad* ~Raw spirulina dressing~

ELLE café/Quinoa salad* ~Raw spirulina dressing~



<JUICERY by Cosme Kitchen>

Menu name/Price: CLEANSE SALAD cold-pressed juice

          tall ¥680 (Excl. Tax)/Bottle ¥1,360 (Excl. Tax)

Store locations  : Sapporo Stellar Place、Daikanyama、Tamagawa Takashimaya (Attached to S・C W&E)、Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs、Lumine Ikebukuro、Grand Tree Musashikosugi、Nagoya PARCO、Tennoji MIO Plaza、Shinsaibashi OPA

URL       :

JUICERY by Cosme Kitchen/CLEANSE SALAD cold-pressed juice

JUICERY by Cosme Kitchen/CLEANSE SALAD cold-pressed juice



<Ginza Raw Life café>

Introduction form/Price: Spirulina (Health improvement) set【Set menu】¥2,000 (Excl. Tax)

         ― Spirulina cold-pressed juice

         ― Green salad ~Spirulina dressing

         ― Spirulina green wrap salad

         ― Spirulina raw cheesecake

         ※Tavelmout is used other than wrap salad

Store location  : Ginza 1-chome

URL      :

Ginza Raw Life café/Spirulina (Health improvement) set

Ginza Raw Life café/Spirulina (Health improvement) set



■About Tavelmout

‘Spirulina’, the oldest plant having appeared on earth since 3.5 billion years ago, which contains more than 60 different types of nutrients and has long since been a ‘valuable source of food’ in Africa, is becoming more widely known as the ‘King of superfoods’ in America and Japan.

Instead of drying it, Tavelmout’s spirulina, cultivated in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka prefecture, is quick-frozen while still fresh via special technology, giving birth to the product, ‘raw’ spirulina. Despite its shockingly intense green colour, there is nearly no taste nor smell to it.

In addition to being ‘raw’, Tavelmout is an ingredient that lays the foundations for raising nutritional standards and promoting a healthier body due to it retaining all of the spirulina’s nutrient content.



<’Tavelmout’ unique features>

1.Rich in colour and nutrients

In addition to having β-carotene and chlorophyll that are present in many green and yellow vegetables, it also contains the green pigment ‘phycocyanin’, resulting in the spirulina’s intense green colour. As Tavelmout has not been dried and is still in its ‘raw’ state, its colour pigment is 1.4 times more intense than that of other dried products. Its vitamin content is 1.4 times more and its mineral content is 1.2 times more than that of its dried counterparts. It also contains 2.5 times more of the essential fatty acid, α-linolenic acid.


2.Almost non-existent taste and smell

‘Raw’ spirulina, Tavelmout, has nearly no taste nor smell despite its intense colour. Hence, it can be combined with a variety of flavours and can taste good by adding it to juices or yogurt.


3.Manufactured locally (Japan)・Additives-free・Pesticide-free

The spirulina have been cultivated pesticide-free using mineral-rich groundwater in Kakegawa city, Shizuoka prefecture. Tavelmout is frozen fresh without any additives, thus enabling consumers to have a peace of mind during consumption.



【’Tavelmout’ product summary】

Product name: Tavemout (Raw spirulina)
Contents: 50g ※Need to be frozen[Store below -18℃]
Price: 15 days’ worth 15 packets ¥4,536 (Excl. Tax)
    30 days’ worth 30 packets ¥9,072 (Excl. Tax)
Where to buy: Online purchasing available via the URL below
Online shop:



【Company profile】

A product that is considered best when raw after taking into account of the fact that the higher the spirulina’s photosynthetic efficiency, the higher its nutrition content. By developing raw spirulina under the brand ‘Tavelmout’, Tavelmout aims to build a sustainable society through intertwining fresh living spirulina into peoples’ lifestyles.

Company name: Tavelmout Corporation
      ※Tavelmout Corporation is a member of Chitose Group.
      Chitose Group portal website,
Name of representative: CEO Toshiya SASAKI
Established: 25 July 2014
Business profile: Sale・Promotion・Technology development for Tavelmout (Raw spirulina)
Location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Takatsu-ku, Sakado 3-2-1
      Kanagawa Science Park East Building 511 〒213-0012
URL   :

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