An article pertaining to Spirulina (Tavelmout), has been uploaded on Nikkei Business News’s (Nikkei Zangyo Shinbun) homepage.

An article under the title ‘Edible algae, mass production abroad・factories in Singapore and America’, has been uploaded on Nikkei Business News’s homepage on 5 January 2016

At Chitose Group, we have started mass cultivating spirulina since 2013, and have begun selling raw spirulina under the name ‘Tavelmout’ from 2014.

With Tavelmout being so rich in nutrients (everything other than vitamin C) and with a flavour so flexible and adaptable, many have become regular consumers of Tavelmout over the past year.


The article uploaded this time is about how Tavelmout is ‘rich in high quality protein’ amongst the many other various nutrients.


Following the increase in population, ‘global protein shortage’ is definitely not impossible in the near future. Along with facing scarcity in water and land, spirulina are edible algae that possess the potential of saving the world from such a crisis with its extremely high protein content.


The day where Tavelmout can be brought to the people of America and Singapore is definitely not far away. We cannot wait for the global populace to have Tavelmout in their daily lives, which will enable them to lead a more fulfilling and healthier lifestyle.

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