We have officially started our new service, ‘SEASONS’, in Singapore.


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Chitose Agriculture Initiative Pte. Ltd.’s agriculture and food education service, ‘SEASONS’.

Although we introduced a trial service during the summer of 2015, having received support from a certain number of customers, we would like to announce the official start of our service.

In addition, we would also like to notify every one of the official opening of our website.



What we aim to achieve

To spread environmentally sustainable farming to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

In other words, to spread the value of protecting the earth.



In the world today、

The culture of eating has been discarded to one side, and with consumers only looking for industrialised homogenous products, farming and agriculture has become all about being economically savvy and gaining economic benefits.

As a result,

We have fallen into a cycle whereby large-scale farming and agricultural businesses are highly motivated in focusing solely on gaining economic benefits, while causing detriment to the environment and ignoring human rights, leading to hard-working and deserving farmers being economically implicated as well.

What we need first and foremost in stopping this cycle?

That is, for everyone to understand what good agricultural produce is in your head as well as via your taste buds.

Next, to enjoy the produce with your whole mind, body and soul.

That is to say, rather than viewing food simply as food, we need to be aware of the fact that every single food product is a part of the food and farming culture that we have to protect, and we need to spread this mentality, so as to be able to bring it into the next era.


How we plan on achieving this

An increase in the number of consumers who understands the value of truly good quality agricultural produce and are willing to purchase these products at an appropriate price

would mean, being able to sell the produce at a price that aligns with the amount of effort farmers put into growing their produce.

If we are able to sell the produce at an appropriate price, more can focus on purely producing good quality crops instead of being economically savvy.

We are starting by fostering such a consumer base, followed by increasing the number of farmers who are focused purely on producing good quality agricultural produce and thereby spreading environmentally sustainable agriculture and farming, with Southeast Asia as the starting point, followed by the rest of the world.


What we’re providing

  • SEASONS BOX, which contains 7~9 different types of vegetables from carefully selected farmers who resonate strongly with our resolution and beliefs.
  • “the LIST”, an informative agricultural and food magazine
  • Recipes for the week

※A dedicated SEASONS concierge will deliver the aforementioned set every week to our customers.

In addition, BBQ parties and collaborations with famous restaurants are also being held currently.



1 delivery 162.5SGD(Please contact us if you are looking to have it delivered 4 times)


※Chitose Agriculture Initiative Pte. Ltd.

Established: 2 April 2015

Capital: SGD 500,000

Location: Singapore


“A wish that resides in a thousand”

With the ultimate goal of bringing into the next thousand years, the farmers’ aspirations and technology, and a food culture that supports the quality of its ingredients,

By delivering an informative agricultural magazine along with the best vegetables in the entire globe, we are building a consumer base in Singapore that will eventually revolutionise Southeast Asia’s farming and agriculture to be environmentally sustainable.

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