【8 December】CPO Ken NAKAHARA and Takanori HOSHINO will be taking on the roles of lecturers on the topic ‘From the basics of algae cultivation technology to the latest business developments’, at a seminar organised by the Technical Information Centre, Japan.


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The seminar will be held under the topic ‘From the basics of algae cultivation technology to the latest business developments’.


<Date & Time・Venue・Programme fee>

  • Date & Time:8 December 2015 (Tuesday) 10:30~16:30
  • Venue:Tokyo・Shin-Ochanomizu・Rengo Kaikan (Formerly Sohyo Kaikan)・4F Meeting Room
  • Programme fee:¥49,680(per person)

(In the event where there are more than one person registering at any one time, the price will be ¥44,280 per person)


<Seminar Programme outline>


In the past, whenever energy and food related problems occurred, the greater the algae biomass production industry boomed. However, as there were many investments made that fuelled the boom with no actual understanding of the impacts algae biomass production has on society as well as its significance and essence, the boom ultimately deflated without bearing much fruit. In recent years, the flood of algae-ventures arising in America between the years 2008-2012, clearly illustrates the situation. Although we have gathered up investments amounting to several trillion yen for algae-ventures, more than five years has passed since then, yet how many ventures are we able to regard as commercially successful? Over the past few years, the algae cultivation industry is gaining attention even from within Japan. However, there is a possibility that what happened in America might be repeated 5-10 years down the road in Japan as well. Therefore, in this seminar, besides explaining the selection for the type of algae required, the relevant knowledge regarding selective breeding, mass cultivation and the latest business developments in order to establish a sustainable algae biomass production business, we would also like to take this as an opportunity for us to discuss exactly what needs to be done.


■Target audience:

 ・Those who are planning on launching a new business.

 ・Those who are developing environmentally friendly matter.

 ・Anyone who is interested in this theme and the uses and practical application of algae.


■Required preliminary knowledge:

 ・As long as you are interested in the algae industry, preliminary knowledge is not required.


■Possible takeaways from the seminar

 ・Basic biological knowledge with regards to the industrial application of algae.

 ・The latest developments in the algae industry.

 ・The future outlook of the algae industry.


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