[29 June] CPO Ken Nakahara, Satoko Toei and Kengo Fukui, will be speaking at the seminar organised by Johokiko Co. Ltd, titled ‘Business in Algae – From the basics of cultivating algae to being the latest business innovation’.


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Although it is a seminar on having a business in algae, due to good reviews, we were requested to conduct it again this year.

<Date and time, Venue, Admission Fee>
• Date and time: 29 June 2015 (Monday)
• Venue: [Tokyo, Oji] HokuTopia, 7th floor, Meeting Room 701
• Admission Fee: ¥ 41, 040 per person (Inclusive of 8% tax, and materials fee)

<Seminar Brief>
• Introduction: Several years have passed since algae gained global attention as a biological resource, and this innovation funded by large amounts of investments from all around the world has finally moved from the research phase to the experimental phase. Its commercialisation has also increased its diversity, from being a source of biofuel to being marketed as food products. This seminar aims to deliver specific knowledge and information regarding the basics of the algae business to its present day development via 3 separate themes, ‘The general overview of the algae business’, ‘Outlooks of the algae industry’ and ‘Latest trends and developments overseas’.

• Keywords for the talks Microalgae, jet fuel, unsaturated fatty acids, bio-refinery, photosynthesis, new industry, fish meal alternative, protein alternative, photo-bioreactor, eco material, emissions trading, INeoG.

• Target audience
 ・Those who are planning to launch a new business in the industry.
 ・Those who are involved in researching and developing environmentally friendly resources.
 ・Any interested participants are welcome.

• Prior knowledge No prior knowledge needed for those who are interested in this field.

• Takeaways from the seminar (Example)
 ・Basic biological knowledge of algae
 ・Latest trends and developments in the algae industry
 ・Future prospects of the algae industry

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