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Chitose Laboratory Corp.

subsidiary acquisition in 2011

Growing The Microbe Industry

At Chitose Laboratory Corp, we are using our proprietary mutagenesis & screening technologies and our expertise in culture engineering to create and develop biology-based and environmentally-sustainable new businesses. Based on our experience, expertise, and philosophy, we provide strategic plans for individual project, develop valuable technological seeds, conduct effective R&Ds, commercialize innovative technologies, and offers biology-based consulting services.

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Chitose Agri Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.

founded in 2012

Cultivating the Tropics with Biotechnology

At Chitose Agri Laboratory Sdn. Bhd, we develop and provide economically-feasible and environmentally-sustainable agriculture for the tropics. With both our world-class scientists and industry leading partners, we implement the advanced agricultural technologies specific to tropics, then, market and commercialize the high-quality products.

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Nihon BioData Corp.

acquired in 2013

Discover life by any conceivable means

At Nihon BioData, world-class scientists and engineers in fields of biology, informatics, and computer programming, cooperate to identify, measure, and analyze traces of “inconceivable” biological activities. We develop novel data acquisition methods, formulate specific data processing protocols, analyze processed data, and design effective experiment for our clients.

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Tavelmout Corp.

founded in 2014

Brighten up your life

The algae spirulina, with high photosynthesis efficiency and good nutritional efficacy, is commercialised based on the idea that it is most suitable for our intake of nutrition. Taking it up to the next level, we produce fresh living spirulina to maximize the advantages of it's vast potentials. The brand Tavelmout is developing fresh living spirulina. Through intertwining fresh living spirulina into everybody's lives, Tavelmout aims to build a sustainable society.

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Chitose Agriculture Initiative Pte.Ltd.

founded in 2015

Envisioning Life in The Millennium

At Chitose Agriculture Initiative Pte. Ltd., we respect and absorb wisdoms & technologies from well-experienced exemplary farmers, and value and share diverse food cultural perspectives from all over the world to our customers. Our main objectives are to share the diverse cultural and technological perspectives from both production and consumption sides by tasting the best products we deliver and by experiencing it from our magazines, and to establish a community network in Singapore to support and promote sustainable agriculture in South-East Asia through our activities.

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Flora Index Corp.

founded in 2016

Unraveling and Managing Dynamics of Microbiota

By closely inspecting dynamics of microbiota found in various locations including, intestine, soil, water supply network, fermentation process, transported food, etc., we visualize and quantify your health, crops, infrastructure, food, and logistics and so on.

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Chitose Biologics Corp.

founded in 2018

Accelerating the case for change in Biologics

Chitose Biologics will contribute to speed up the development of antibody drugs and reduce manufacturing costs through the provision of Host Cell Engineering & Next Generation Bioprocess Platforms, and will continue to contribute to the development of pharmaceuticals for "the millennium“ in global healthcare.

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