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Chitose Laboratory Corp.

subsidiary acquisition in 2011

Partner for the creation and development of industries through living organisms

We focus on microbial-strain/cell-line discovery, improvement and cultivation technologies to develop advanced manufacturing process using a wide range of organisms (microorganisms, cultured cells, microalgae etc.) corresponding to changing environments. In addition, we conduct new project planning, seed technology construction, commercialization research and development, commercialization support and consulting services through collaborations with subsidiary companies in Chitose Group, in the biotechnology field.

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Chitose Agri Laboratory logo

Chitose Agri Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.

founded in 2012

Cultivating the Tropics with Biotechnology

We develop agriculture in the tropical region that are both economically and environmentally sustainable. Technical experts with forefront knowledge of agricultural technologies work together to collaborate with the plantation industry, develop agriculture suitable for tropical areas, transfer agricultural technology, cultivate and sell high-value added crops.

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Nihon BioData Corp.

acquired in 2013

Discover life by any conceivable means

Your partner to understanding more about the dynamics of living things. Experts with knowledge in biology, statistics, and programming will acquire and analyse data and use the analysis results to make proposals for the next course of action. We also develop bio-data acquisition sensors and equipment that are non-invasive to organisms.

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Tavelmout Corp.

founded in 2014

Spreading a brand-new algae food culture to the world

As the global population grows and dietary habits change in accordance with economic development in emerging countries, worldwide food demand is expected to increase substantially in the future. Spirulina is “Food for a New Era,” the most nutritious algae containing over 60 types of nutrients. We dedicate ourselves to solving the food shortage problem as well as realizing the prospect of a sustainable healthy life through our highly efficient cultivation technology and wide-ranged application technology for foods.

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Chitose Agriculture Initiative Pte.Ltd.

founded in 2015

Safe and healthy agriculture to South East Asia

Through the sale of high-quality agricultural produce and developing their cultivation methods, we hope to spread the value in Southeast Asia, that the creation of a rich and sustainable "soil ecosystem" is the key to maintaining healthy agriculture for a millenium.

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Flora Index Corp. logo

Flora Index Corp.

founded in 2016

Quantitatively grasp the trend of microbiota

By closely inspecting and understanding the dynamics of microbiota found in various locations such as gut, oral cavity, soil and wastewater treatment, we endeavor to innovate the industries that are currently only supported by the experience of skilled technical experts and intuition.

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Chitose Biologics Corp.

founded in 2018

Contributing to the biopharmaceutical industry with supercells

Proud to be the world's best in efficient production, we develop for the world supercells used by bio pharmaceutics. Moreover we want to showcase the ability of supercells in any way possible and by creating a bio pharmaceutics production system we aim to speed up the development of bio pharmaceutics and significantly reduce the cost of production.

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PHYTO Renaissance Corp. logo

PHYTO Renaissance Inc.

founded in 2018

Shaping the story held by plants

By utilizing plant cell line construction technology and cell culture technology to bring out the function of cells, we maximize the appeal of the plant as a resource and revive (=Renaissance) the potential value of the plant that has been buried so far to create and develop businesses.

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Tierraponica Corp. logo

Tierraponica Inc.

founded in 2018

Turning the interaction between plants and microorganisms into science

We promote hydroponic cultivation that carefully observes, produces and manages interactions between microbes and plants in order to produce quality food without relying on excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides in arable land.

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